Start, Sell, and Scale your Business Without the Headache or Heartache.

Hi, I’m Justin J. Dunn. For the past 10 years I’ve helped entrepreneurs build addicting brands faster and easier around their knowledge, passion, and skillset with my 7-Second System.

If your business feels like a never-ending guessing game, there are three ways I can help you through the clutter. Which would you like help with?

I need help starting a business that attracts perfect customers.

I need help building a business into an addicting, Seven-Figure Brand.

I need help with focus, productivity, accountability, and mindset.


Here’s what Coachable Entrepreneurs Say About Justin...

I coach hundreds of entrepreneurs inside my community. Here’s what members have to say:

"Justin changed my mindset and now I'm officially a Business Owner."

I really would not be where I am now without Justin. When I first started this business, I wrote my notes and ideas down and prayed over them asking for people to help me through my journey. Someone willing to teach and guide me and here we are. I can’t tell you how thankful I am for Justin and his guidance. Knowing that from an early age I never wanted to take the entrepreneurial route - Justin helped change my mindset. Today, I think bigger and see that it’s all attainable. I truly believe in myself now and my vision and I have Justin to thank for that. People of integrity are hard to come by these days and he has it all in my eyes!

Courtnery C.

Founder, NUMÉ Art Wellness Spa

"If you're thinking about it stop thinking and get connected to Justin now."

I've been working with Justin for two years now and from the time that we got started he has made my entrepreneurial transition so smooth. He takes the time to align with your core values then brings your brand vision to life for your customers to fall in love with your business. If you're thinking about it stop thinking and partner with Justin.

Audrey R.

Copywriting Specialist

"Business is Booming!"

Every experience is absolutely amazing!!! Justin is very knowledgeable, very professional, and very prompt. He is always able to bring the vision to life just as you imagine it. End-to-end Excellence!

Deunta W.

Founder & CEO, Bring It On Esports

"The best investment I've
ever made in myself and business."

Justin is absolutely amazing!!! He is very knowledgeable, very professional, and very prompt. He gave me clarity and helped bring our vision to life just as we imagined it. He taught my team so many profitable strategies and was very supportive of our business. Justin has a certain type of enthusiasm that makes him so pleasurable to work with too, great personality. The best investment I ever made was contacting Increase Branding & Design!!!!

Denesha W.

CEO, Pink Matter Studios

"Justin is amazing to work with!"

My website needed to be revamped to work harder for my business. Justin knew right away what to do, even when I couldn't quite put into words my vision. My website visitors are thrilled and have and amazing user experience now! I couldn't imagine going anywhere else for business and branding strategy.

Erin W.

Erin On Demond

"I'm sharing my message with the world and doing what I love to do."

I'm a 70's baby and all I knew was hard work. I didn't know branding! Justin took my hard work, branded it, and made it so successful that I'm now able to share my message with the world. His coaching, lessons, diligence, and integrity helped me create a business that is sought after from my dream customers. If you have something that you're excited about and you want the world to know about it, connect with Justin now!

Spencer C.

Author, Speaker, Coach

"I'm so excited to enter into this new chapter of my entrepreneurial journey!"

I want to thank Justin for so graciously walking me through this process of rebranding, design and brand strategy coaching - all the way to website creation! Whew! It was a whole job that took so much invested vision, patience,  thought, skill, and perseverance. Justin understood the seen and unseen dynamics of the rebranding process! He knows what it takes to turn your vision to reality.

Natalia P.

CEO, NataliaPowers.Life

"Couldn't be happier with our new Brand Identity and Perception!"

Justin was instrumental in helping us rebrand and redesign our website, cross-train our employees, and design a new brand and website that enhance our mission and potential to serve our audience of Southeast Michigan's arts & cultural sector. Could not recommend another person of excellence for our Branding work.

Omari W.

Executive Director, CultureSource

"Justin is a visionary, unique,
professional, and second to none."

These are just a few things that come to mind when I think about our experience working with Justin and his team! Justin really took our project and thoughts into consideration and made our vision come to life. We are SO impressed and were literally left speechless when they delivered.

Romy K.

President & CEO, Gingras Global

"My business has tripled!"

Beyond dope!!!! Justin has guided me to creating the website that I've always wanted. It is the essence of my brand and my passion. He was beyond patient, he listened to what I really valued, and he brought my dream to life. I will recommend his services to the end of time. The graphics and animation are so great! The content is diversified! My brand is beyond professional. It's so much better than I could ever imagine!

Brittney K.

Brittney Kee Floral Design

Justin J. Dunn

I used to be that stressed out, overworked, and underpaid entrepreneur.

I figured out early in my life that clocking in for someone, asking permission to take off, and working the most but getting paid the least was a toxic environment that MADE ME ITCH…I knew that entrepreneurship was my lane.

I’ve sold everything from roadside assistance insurance, to weight loss shakes out of my living room. Looking back, I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, but one thing about hindsight… it’s 20/20. All of that scattered hustling, grinding, and energy I put in (that probably had people laughing at me) were seeds that have now produced a life I couldn’t be more grateful for🙏🏾

Why am I telling you this? Because there is power in your past and clarity in your clutter. I didn’t know my exact destination, but I kept moving. Kept learning. Kept putting one foot in front of the other.

I’ve put countless hours and energy into creating MY OWN. My own successful, sustainable way of doing life. And there’s a God-like power in this effort that supersedes any other feeling or emotion. It’s a high that you can’t smoke, shoot, or snort. And my mission is to teach as many people as I can about this HIGH!

I’m actually smiling as I type this right now. Thanking God because had I not been moving and shaking (trying to figure it out); putting that energy into making my OWN, I’d probably be at someone’s cubicle Monday through Friday attempting to drink the pain away.

If you’re an up-and-coming entrepreneur that wants to build a life-changing business, there are three ways I can help you. Which would you like help with? To see how I can help you build a successful business without the headache or heartache, click below.

Which would you like help with?

I need help designing a brand that attracts the perfect customers.

I need help building a business into an addicting, Seven-Figure Brand.

I need help with focus, productivity, accountability, and mindset.




Million Dollars

Which would you
like help with?

I need help designing a brand that attracts the perfect customers.

I need help building a business into an addicting, Seven-Figure Brand.

I need help with focus, strategy, accountability, and mindset.