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Let me start by saying traditional schooling sucks.

Like most Americans, I was trained to believe that school was going to lead me to that golden career.

I thought once I walked across that stage with my perfectly crafted resume, I would have it all!  Or that all I really needed was that mentor to put in a good word for me and I would be good! I studied. I graduated. I worked. No, I grinded. But this thrill that the world promised me never came.

Growing up on the Southside of Chicago as a Black male is tough. But with a teacher for a mother, education meant everything to my family. No matter how great I was at sports or how I loved to hustle in school (candy that is) — it all was meant to lead to college one day. When I finally went to college, I did everything I could in the classroom and outside of it. I left with internships and affiliations under my belt. I made my family proud and met my dream girl. I started a successful tee-shirt business. And as great as all of that was, I walked across the stage with a trail of debt and uncertainty.



In Student Loan Debt

I know this story isn’t new for this generation. We are all leaving college, lost. The best way a lot of us cope is through falling into the trap of self-medication. We medicate through excessive trips and exciting social media posts. We medicate through stress eating and happy hour drinking. We medicate by pretending any way we know how to forget how hurt we are that life isn’t what was promised. This is where I decided to do something differently.

Instead of self-medicating, I fell into excessive self-education. Anything college did not teach me, I needed to know now. I Youtube’d, I researched– I used money from jobs with the sole purpose of building businesses. I could not trust the dream that was laid out for me but I could trust myself. I paid attention to the business trends and changes in the country. How were people communicating? How could I tap into this technology boom? How was business changing? I asked myself these questions. And I answered them by learning everything I could while avoiding the temptation to self-medicate.

Fast forward to now and I have built a successful marketing and design firm all by overcoming the pain of being another lost millennial college graduate.

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One of the most important questions I asked myself during this time of my life was simple: Why? Why was I doing this? Why was it necessary for me to be an entrepreneur and not keep crawling down the path of finding a “better job”? Why do I matter? My answer to this day is that I don’t want any more people to walk across the stage feeling as powerless I as I did. I want them to see they have potential to turn their why into a lucrative business like the one I’ve built.

My mission is to help entrepreneurs and businesses get more bookings, more sales, more evangelists (singing the praises of your brand), and more recognition for all the amazing stuff they do. I want to help start grow dream businesses. The best part? It’s all within reach and I can give the boost they need to grab hold of it.

How do I know this with such certainty? Because as a kid who grew up on the Southside of Chicago, I know that it often takes sheer grit and determination to live the life of your dreams. I overcame a ton of obstacles to get to where I am, and I have the tools and the knowledge to help you get there too.

So whether you’ve got a dream business that’s just taking shape in your mind, or your're an established business with some years under your belt, I can help you reach new heights you never dreamed possible.

every brand has a story that no one else can tell

Stories have become one of the greatest currencies of business. As a brand architect, I work hand-in-hand with everyone from corporate players to early-stage startups to give voice to their brand story. It’s my job to deploy smart marketing that will use a strategic mix of creativity and technology to generate and deliver stories that create lasting connections with your customers.

Find it, activate it, and unleash your story to the world.


What do you need help with?


It’s more than a logo or a color palette. Smart Branding helps you identify what you are known for, what problems you solve and how you connect with your audience.

Digital & Content Marketing

Content is king, but marketing content is queen. Build your online empire that will grow your market authority.

Web Design & Development

Your website should showcase your expertise,  your work, and help you convert prospects to leads, then leads to paying customers… 24/7

Social Media

A strong social media presence is a must. When properly executed it can connect with your audience in a way that builds trust and leads to sales.

What’s it gonna take to get the results you’re looking for?

Listen, I get the challenges you’re facing. Taking your brand to a level of omnipresence is tall order. You’ve got demands coming at you from every angle, and it’s hard to step outside of the day-to-day to lay the proper foundation for your branding strategy and execution.

You may think you suck at growing your business, and wish you had the tools to get to where you want to go. Or you may have lots of ideas, but you aren’t sure how to properly execute them, or if you even should!

the truth is…

Marketing and navigating the online world can make you look and feel stupid. It’s sorta like how I felt when I graduated from college, and was ready to take the world by storm. Little did I know I was about to get a real education in the world’s classroom. I felt ill-equipped to do what I had gone to college to do!

Crazy, right? But instead of sulking in doubt,  I decided to invest in myself. I was hell-bent on learning everything I felt I needed to know in order to find success and help make others successful too. Now with over 8 years of TANGIBLE business marketing experience, I help scale businesses daily. 

The results
have been overwhelming!

I’m here to tell you, you don’t have to struggle making your business dreams a reality. It’s possible, and it’s within reach. The challenges aren’t roadblocks or dead ends. Instead, they are only hurdles you’ve got to go over. You need someone in your corner who can help you navigate those hurdles, and get you to where you want to be.

I’ve created a lucrative business helping people, just like you, effect real change in their lives and make an impact in their markets.

Let me architect a branding strategy and execution plan to take your brand to the next level. You in?


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